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Legestic is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal. We publish high-quality, original scientific articles and review articles. The journal focuses on the theory, philosophy, and practice of legislation.  The journal focuses primarily on legislation, discussion of current legal issues, and proposals for changes to legislation. The Legestic journal accepts and reviews articles from all areas of private and public law, such as civil law, criminal law, state law, business law, intellectual property law, medical law, culture and sports law, and other areas of law. In the Legestic journal, we publish comments on legal regulations, critical opinions, reflections, expert analyses, case law analyses, and studies on legislation's impact on citizens' and institutions' functioning. Articles can concentrate on legislative issues within a single jurisdiction, but we prefer it if they are also relevant to other jurisdictions. Also, it is possible to publish high-quality, interdisciplinary articles by scholars in the Legestic journal. Combining other relevant disciplines, such as legislative studies and political science, public policy, regulation, governance, economics, culture, and sport, interests our readers. We welcome articles created by an international collective of authors that bring a new perspective to solving theoretical aspects of law and practical legal issues.

Current Issue

Vol. 2 (2024): Legestic

The Legestic is an international, peer-reviewed scientific scholar journal.  The journal focuses primarily on legislation. Articles are published continuously during the year. All papers are published into a single annual (January-December) volume which will fill throughout the year as each new paper is published. Original scientific articles and review articles from all areas of law, including interdisciplinary areas related to law, can be published in the journal.

Published: 07-03-2024
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